DJ Agent M – Date Night


Date Night is dedicated to all the beat makers and producers, who have a love affair with their gear. Those cosy nights in together. When you rush home to see your baby. The break-ups, the make-ups and the new romances. She helps you deal with issues no other could. She understands.

DJ Agent M talks about his journey as a producer and also talks to his peers about relationships and their passions.

A big shout out to all the Hip Hop producers in Leeds, who keep the bar high. Iron sharpens Iron.


released February 14, 2017

All track were produced and mastered by DJ Agent M for House of M Productions.

Artwork by DJ Agent M.

2) Marky Smith (Drystone Radio)
4) J.BravoCag and DJ Saiqa
7) DJ Oddball
9) J.BravoCag and DJ Saiqa

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